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A gentleman, much the worse for wear (we shall call him ”Bruce”) had keeled over in Arco’s car park blocking the exit, to the mounting frustration of Arco staff who were trying to go home. As drivers do when something is blocking them, they started to sound their car horns. This alerted Arco’s security guard and on seeing the guard approach, Bruce got to his feet and moved to allow the drivers to exit.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it – he keeled over again outside Arco Reception. Quick-thinking Mandy, who is employed by ICS as a Cleaning Supervisor, used the telephone in Reception to contact Police, whilst a member of Arco management took a description of him and tried to find out his name and address. He noticed cuts on Bruce’s face and hands and a suspicious-looking bag of pills and mysterious bunch of keys lay in the proximity of where Bruce had fallen.

At the manager’s request, Mandy called for an ambulance. Then Bruce staggered to his feet. To everyone’s horror, and in a move no-one could have anticipated in his state, ran right across the main road, in front of oncoming traffic, and was narrowly missed by a lorry.

Bruce weaved between the oncoming vehicles, before falling over in the middle of the road. At this point, Debbie came out to assist and, between them, cleaner and manager managed to pick Bruce up and deposit him safely out of harms way before he was seriously injured.

At 7:25pm Bruce, who had now sustained even more cuts to his face, was carted safely off by ambulance to Hull Royal Infirmary, bringing to an end a drama that had lasted for over an hour.

Arco made a point of commending Debbie and Mandy for their assistance.

Theresa Keelty, Area Manager (Hull) for ICS Cleaning, said “There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving positive client feedback – especially when our staff have exceeded the remit of their jobs. Mandy and Debbie have proven, once again, that our people are our greatest asset.”

Pictured above are Debbie (left) and Mandy, with the gift vouchers presented to them by ICS Cleaning – a gesture of appreciation for a job well done.