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We at SPS Technical love IP CCTV – just in case you were left in any doubt after reading the many news items about our recent installations – which is very appropriate as we approach St Valentine’s Day!
So confident are we that once our customers try it, they will be forever smitten, we have introduced a “Try Before You Buy!” scheme. Our client, Lincoln Christ Hospital School (pictured above) took advantage of the scheme when we first introduced it, proving that once customers have experienced the system, it’s hard to settle for anything less.
So, if you’re looking to purchase a new CCTV system or to upgrade your old one, why not follow the example of Lincoln Christ and try our IP CCTV demo package first? We will come and install our demo kit, so that you can witness for yourselves the significant benefits in image quality over analogue systems.
We wouldn’t expect you to simply take our word for it, even though we’re so convinced we’ve written a Valentine’s Ode to it:
O, IP CCTV! The cost-effective cream of our technical crop-y!
We’re in awe of your flexibility and ease of installation,
You’re such a smooth networker re IP communication.
Your distance vision casts your “eye” on lurkers near and far,
Plus, all this you can do wirelessly – that really sets the bar!
Analogue was once the champ, but how he wears a frown,
For IP CCTV, you now wear the victor’s crown!
So give us a call for a trial install! Contact our Technical Services Manager, James Perrin, on 01482 226570.