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CCTV Operator Training

Training Course for CCTV Operators

Level 2 Private Security Industry CCTV Operator Role. The following components will be covered in the CCTV Operator Training Course:

Unit 1: Training for CCTV Operators – Working in the Private Security Industry.

Unit 2: Training for CCTV Operators – Role as a CCTV Operator.

Unit 3: Training for CCTV Operators – Practical Utilization of CCTV Equipment.


Unit 1 for CCTV Operator Training

The unit focuses on working in the Private Security Industry and includes all necessary areas for Level 2 content such as door supervision, security guarding, CCTV operations, vehicle immobilisation, and managing cash and valuables during transit. SIA assessment requirements as described in the document Introduction to Learning Leading Towards Licence-linked Qualifications will evaluate this unit.


Unit 2 for CCTV Operator Training

This unit centres on the role of a CCTV Operator. Learners will get insight into essential documentation related to CCTV, elements of confidentiality, and critical security. Key legislation knowledge will be provided, as well as clarity on their responsibilities and duties. They will gain an understanding of the range of CCTV equipment and its use during incidents. The unit will conclude with instructions on specific emergency protocols in CCTV control rooms, based on the learnings from Unit 1.


Unit 3 for CCTV Operator Training

Practical application of CCTV Equipment is the key area of this unit. It develops the practical abilities needed to obtain a CCTV Operator licence, leveraging the knowledge acquired from Units 1 and 2. In Unit 3, learners will gain hands-on experience of functional checks and usage of CCTV equipment for recording images and ensuring evidentiary necessities are fulfilled. Incident management skills, such as giving descriptions, tracking individuals and carrying out lost contact drills will be honed in this unit.

The method of evaluation will be practical and conducted in a real-life CCTV control room setting, internally graded by the centre.

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