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Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol Services

Protecting your business premises is a full-time job. No matter the nature of your business or the scale of your operation, the potential threat of criminal activity is always present. SPS Secsrity’d Mobile Patrol services are specifically designed to meet this challenge.

Our Mobile Patrol Services is your dedicated solution to ensuring business safety and security during off-peak hours. Whether you operate on a large-scale site or own several small businesses across various locations, our mobile patrol team offers a visible, efficient and reliable solution for keeping your business safe and secure.

Expert Mobile Patrol Officers

SPS Security has a highly skilled and well-trained team of mobile patrol officers, who possess the skills and experience necessary to tackle potential threats head-on. Their prominent presence can act as an effective deterrent for potential intruders and opportunists.
Our officers conduct regular and random patrols to ensure your premises remain secure. They also provide an immediate response to alarm activations, dealing with emergencies swiftly and efficiently to mitigate potential losses and damages.

Customised Security Approach

We recognise that no two businesses are alike, and neither are their security needs. At SPS Security, we provide customised security solutions, aligning with the specific requirements of your business. Our comprehensive risk assessments ensure all aspects of your business’s vulnerability are taken into account when formulating your tailor-made mobile patrol services plan.

Additional Benefits

In addition to routine patrol services, we offer services such as opening and closing premises, implementing lock and unlock procedures, and performing site inspections. Our patrol officers can also check and report maintenance issues to keep your premises in the best condition.

Dedicated Control Centre

Our dedicated control centre provides real-time updates on each patrol, ensuring the most effective protection possible for your premises. With round-the-clock communication with patrol officers, the control centre is equipped to immediately respond to emergencies and maintain continuous surveillance over your business property.
Invest in your peace of mind by opting for SPS Security’s Mobile Patrol Services. Safeguard your assets, protect your employees and secure your premises with our top-of-the-line security solutions.
Contact us today to learn more about our Mobile Patrol Services and discuss your security requirements with our experts. Trust SPS Security – because the security of your business is our top priority.

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