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Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspection Services for Businesses

At SPS Technical, we are experts in maintaining the integrity of unoccupied properties. We provide first-class vacant property inspection services that protect and secure your commercial assets, whether they are in use or not. Our custom-tailored packages ensure your premises remain secure and risk-free, and retain their value, safeguarding your investment.

About Our Service

Empty premises can quickly become a magnet for vandalism, break-ins, and dilapidation. Left unchecked, these issues can become a serious drain on your resources. SPS Technical offers comprehensive vacant property inspection services designed to reduce the risk and stress that can accompany owning an unoccupied commercial property.
Our experts perform thorough site visits to check the overall state of your property. The inspections include verifying the structural condition, detecting signs of break-ins or trespassing, assessing fire safety compliance, and testing the effectiveness of existing security measures.
We understand that every property is unique and will work with you to develop a tailor-made service schedule that caters to the specific needs of your premises.

How It Works

At the heart of our service is a simple, streamlined process that’s been designed for efficiency. Our highly trained inspectors use cutting-edge technology to perform an in-depth analysis of your property. We conduct checks at regular intervals that suit you or in response to any triggered alarms or reported incidents.
Following the inspection, we provide detailed reports highlighting any potential risks and recommended solutions, and provide follow-up services, including safety system upgrades, immediate repairs, and more.

Why Choose Us

Our reputation is built on professionalism, experience, and a dedication to providing unparalleled customer service. At SPS Technical, we prioritise the safety and security of your properties, offering round-the-clock service backed by a trusted team of experts.

SPS Technical – Reliable Safety & Security Services

When it comes to vacant property inspection, trust the experts at SPS Technical. Our top-of-the-line service and personalised customer care ensure that your business assets are always in safe hands. Contact us today to find out how our vacant property inspection services can help protect your business.

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