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CCTV System Maintenance

CCTV System Maintenance For Businesses

Regular maintenance and monitoring of your CCTV system through our 24 Hour control room in Hull in conjunction with close communication from our CCTV engineers will enable potential problems to be identified at an early stage so that appropriate action can be taken.

CCTV Maintenance will be carried out either every six months or annually by SPS, who will have the resources, including spare parts, system knowledge and documentation to comply with our SSAIB accreditation. All service visits will be carried out on the anniversary of installation or at agreed intervals with the customer.


Typical CCTV Maintenance visits include:

• Check every CCTV Cameras, clean lenses and adjust as necessary.
• Check functionality of PTZ cameras.
• Check connections.
• Check power supplies.
• Check switches for correct operation.
• Check recorders for correct functionality and recording quality, adjusting parameters as required to meet current operating conditions.
• Check operation of telemetry and communications equipment.
• Check operating system, application software and file structures and carry out system diagnostics on computer-based DVR’s and NVR’s
• Check monitors, clean screens and adjust to optimum picture quality.


Service Visits:
Service visits can be arranged periodically to check functions and improve the performance of the system. These can ensure your system runs on the latest software, captures the best possible images and all aspects are working correctly. Your CCTV system is more valuable to you if maintained properly. Don’t miss out on essential footage – Call to discuss our CCTV Servicing packages.


Emergency callouts and CCTV Repairs:
Do you have a CCTV system that is in need of repair? We can investigate and diagnose system faults regardless if the system hasn’t been installed by us. We will then arrange repair or replacement for cables, software, cameras or complete systems depending on your needs. Some systems offer hybrid solutions to incorporate your existing systems with new upgrade elements. Our engineers are happy to discuss your requirements and suggest a range of solutions.


Areas Covered:
Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, Huddersfield and all other areas within Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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