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Fire Marshal Training

Fire safety in England and Wales is upheld by adhering to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This law promotes a risk-based strategy for fire safety in public, industrial, and business spaces.

It obligates the responsible individual, usually the employer, owner, or tenant, to carry out a fire safety risk assessment, execute suitable fire precaution and protection actions, and maintain a fire management strategy. Each staff member has a part to play in fire safety, and the available fire safety qualifications support these various roles.

All parties involved in fire safety must have access to necessary information and training on fire safety matters. Offering these fire safety qualifications will help organisations meet their legal requirements and ensure a safer working environment for all staff members.

This particular qualification targets all staff members, especially new hires, in any workspace, where a basic comprehension of fire safety is necessary.

The qualification conveys the message that every individual in the workspace shares the responsibility of fire safety, recognising their potential contribution in preventing the initiation and spread of fires.

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