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Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training: Working As A Security Officer In The Private Security Industry Level 2

The Highfield Awarding Body in Security Guarding presents a 26-hour guided learning course, featuring three mandatory units:

Unit 1: Working In The Private Security Industry.

Unit 2: Working As A Security Officer.

Unit 3: Conflict Management For Private Security Industry.

To learn more about our Security Guard Training course, please refer to the details below. For additional details regarding cost, schedule, and booking, reach out to an SPS Training advisor at 01482 226 570.

Unit 1 targets those aspiring to enter the private security industry and need an SIA license. The course discusses key areas in door supervision, security guarding, CCTV operations, vehicle immobilisation, and transit of cash and valuables. Additionally, it covers the primary legislation in the industry and workplace safety in normal and emergency scenarios. Learners will also develop communication skills and customer care relevant to their future roles.

Unit 2 aims to educate those interested in becoming security officers, discussing relevant knowledge for the role. The course details the security officer’s role, including patrol significance, access and egress control, and conduct of searches. It also discusses technologies and equipment that facilitate the role. Furthermore, it explains laws, powers for dealing with law-breakers, types of evidence, crime scene preservation, record keeping, incident reports, and notebook usage.

Unit 3 focuses on conflict management skills necessary for door supervisors, security officers, and vehicle immobilisers. It explores how to prevent and handle conflicts and provides strategies for problem-solving once a conflict has been defused. Post-incident considerations, sources of support, and the importance of sharing best practices are also discussed.

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