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Key Holding and

Alarm Response

Key Holding and Alarm Response Services

At SPS Security, we understand the immense value of safeguarding your business premises and property, especially during those vulnerable, non-operational hours. That’s why we provide highly professional Key Holding and Alarm Response Services tailored to cater for the diverse needs of your business.
Whether you run a large corporation, a medium enterprise, or a small business, our goal is to offer you peace of mind and free you from the potential dangers and inconveniences that come with responding to out-of-hours emergency incidents or false alarms.

Key Holding Services:

Our Key Holding service means that our accredited personnel are on standby, 24/7, holding keys to your property securely under industry-regulated key holding standards. In the event of any emergencies, access is then made to your premises by our professionals without the need for employees to be disturbed or put at risk.

Alarm Response Services:

In the case of an alarm activation, our rapid response teams are equipped to handle all sorts of incidents, including security threats, fires or any form of property-related emergencies. Using the most effective alarm response measures, we guarantee quick reactions to ensure minimal downtime for your business, and the utmost security for your assets.
Every situation is thoroughly investigated and documented, and where necessary, the local authorities are promptly informed. We maintain transparency with our clients, ensuring they are kept informed throughout every step of the response process.


Our Key Holding and Alarm Response Services provide multiple benefits.
  1. Increased safety and protection for your employees and property.
  2. Reduction in false alarm fines.
  3. Assurance of an efficient, professional response to emergencies.
  4. Fast restoration of security systems after a breach.
Trust in SPS Security to uphold the security of your business, leaving you free to focus on running your operations smoothly and effectively. As a reputable security provider in the North of England, we provide only the best services with utmost dedication and professionalism. Let us tailor our key holding and alarm response solutions to fit the needs of your business.
Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can assist in protecting your valuable assets and ensuring a safe, secure working environment.

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