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Security Guard – Front of House Services

Security Guard - Front of House Services

At SPS Security, we offer comprehensive and fully integrated Security Guard – Front of House Services for businesses across the North of England. Our professionally trained security guards not only serve as a powerful deterrent to any potential illegal activities but also play a crucial role in providing a safe and secure environment for your employees, clients, and property.
Our dedicated team of front house security guards has vast experience in managing the security needs of different types of businesses. Trained to respond swiftly and effectively in case of emergencies, our personnel provides continuous protection that will greatly increase the sense of security on your premises.
One of the primary roles our security guards perform is access control. Our security staff operates diligently, making sure only authorised personnel gain access to your business premises, thereby reducing the risk of theft and damage and ensuring that all visitors comply with your site’s safety procedures.
But, our security guards’ role extends beyond safeguarding your premises. At SPS Security, we understand that our security staff often forms the first point of contact for visitors. Therefore, our staff also focuses on customer service. Trained in handling reception duties and answering enquiries, they contribute to forming a favourable first impression of your business for your visitors.
To meet the unique needs of different businesses, our Front of House Security Services can be tailored. Our security services can be scheduled based on your requirements – 24/7 security coverage or security coverage during specific business hours.
At SPS Security, your business’s safety and security are our topmost priority. Trust us with your security requirements and benefit from our professionalism, attention to detail, and unmatched commitment to the highest industry standards.
For further information or to arrange a no-obligation consultation on our Security Guard – Front of House services, please contact us at SPS Security. Together, we can create a safe and secure business environment for you and your employees.

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