CCTV Monitoring

The SPS Control Centre is home to over 25 LCD monitors, manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by our highly trained team.

We can remotely monitor a host of different manufacturers DVRs and for most, we receive automated alarm events once the site has armed their local system. Alarms are received and triggered by external motion sensors which are strategically placed around a client’s site. Every motion sensor will have a supporting camera which enables the SPS Control Centre to determine if the activation is true or false, from which we follow a specific set of protocols agreed by both parties at the time of commissioning.

We have recently introduced the Virtual Patrol if a specific site is without external motion detectors. This method of monitoring saves the client on mobile patrol costs although the Virtual Patrol cannot be as effective as the human element, occasionally the client just wants that “sleep at night” approach knowing our trained operatives can view the site at any point out of hours.