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In memory of a dearly missed team member, Theresa Keelty, who passed away in 2014, ICS Cleaning initiated the annual Theresa Keelty Shining Star Awards. This accolade honours exceptional contributions within the team, continuing since its inception.

Theresa Keelty’s journey with ICS Cleaning was notable, as she advanced through the ranks to Area Manager, primarily operating out of the main office at Neptune House.

Christine Turner, the Managing Director at ICS Cleaning, expressed her sentiments, that Theresa held a special place in the heart of our team; her passing left a void. It is our honour to perpetuate her legacy in our company. This year, we are excited to present this award to three deserving individuals from our regional offices.

The recipients of this year’s awards are Sara Warrior from North Humber, Jackie Sutton from West Yorkshire, and Jenny Shorter from South Humberside.

Sara Warrior joined the ICS team in September 2013, starting at Trinity School and later becoming a versatile cleaner covering multiple locations. Her Regional Manager, Lisa Elm, praised her, saying, Sara’s cheerful demeanour and dedication are remarkable. She not only excels in her role but also assists in training, truly embodying the spirit of this award, especially considering her connection to Theresa.

In 2015, Jackie Sutton became part of ICS following a new contract with Danum School. Her immediate impact and dedication led to her promotion to Supervisor. Tracey Gibsonwood, her Regional Manager, admires Jackie’s unwavering commitment, noting that her positive outlook and determination inspire everyone around her.

Jenny Shorter, starting in November 2014 as a mobile cleaner and later promoted to Supervisor, has proven herself indispensable, ensuring meticulous standards across sites. Karen Tagg, her Regional Manager, highlighted, Jenny’s diligent work ethic and dedication are commendable. It’s wonderful to see her efforts recognised with this award.

Heartfelt congratulations to Sara, Jackie, and Jenny on their achievements.

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